Audi Torres

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a nurse.  However, it took many years for me to finally work towards my dream. One of the main reasons why I didn’t do it sooner was because I had a fear of failure and I did not think I was smart enough to get accepted into the nursing program.  So I kept pushing this off for years until one day something just “clicked” and I told myself that later on in life I would regret not fighting for my dream.  I called Wayne Community College and asked what I had to do to enroll… and my journey began right at that moment.

Since then, I have discovered something in me that I did not know I had. I realized that I have the potential to become a bigger and better person.

This beautiful experience has made me realize that the sky is the limit whenever you set a goal for yourself.  I hope to one day obtain my Masters in Education in this amazing career of nursing so I can one day change a student’s life the way my instructors have changed mine.