Austin Elkins

My success cannot be accredited to me only, first and foremost I must thank God Almighty for allowing me the great privilege to achieve the grades and accomplishments that He has so blessed me with.  If it had not been for the loving support of my family, church, and the learning atmosphere of the classroom, the encouragement of my classmates, and the excellent effort of my instructors’ to help me reach my full potential, then none of this would be possible.  Yes the hours are long some days being a part time employee, full time student, and a young preacher, but it does give a sense of accomplishment knowing that my hard work has paid off. 

I am currently praying about possibly achieving my bachelors degree in agriculture education from North Carolina A&T’s online program and at the same time achieving my bachelors degree in theology online from a local Bible College. I know that my time at Mayland Community College is well spent because of the experiences in life and hands on learning tools that have come to help me achieve great goals and realize what I really want to do with my life.