Austin Scott

After graduation from NCSU in 2001, I worked in a flourishing housing economy as a draftsman until the recession of 2008. As the recession progressed, I was faced with a stagnant career in a failing housing market. With the dynamic of my life rapidly changing I knew I would have to make a decision. I could stick it out until the housing market rebounded or change careers and have the opportunity to create a new, more prosperous future.

In August 2011 I entered the Johnston Community College radiography program. Amongst the sleep deprivation and cramming for tests I realized that my struggle to complete my education has made me appreciate life even more. The support I have received from my wife, family, and community are the only reasons I have been able to make this journey. I must give many accolades to the radiography program at JCC. The quality of education is impeccable and the atmosphere is like family. Every instructor I have encountered has a vested interest in my well-being and education. I look forward to sharing future success with everyone that has helped me come this far.