Brooke Church

It is by no means an overstatement to claim that Wilkes Community College (WCC) has reinvented my world, shaped who I am, and molded my future. At WCC, I have been immersed in a variety of courses that have altered my perspective. More than a general education, I have gained an overall awareness, which has profoundly impacted me as an individual. Throughout my time at WCC, I have also been attending high school. Therefore, I have constantly been in the process of constructing the person I want to become. Taking courses that force me to think at a college level about complex subjects during this critical phase of my life certainly modified the outcome.

WCC has also enabled me to reach my full potential academically. The faculty has consistently worked with me and my unique circumstances over the years, which has empowered me to earn not one, but two Associate's Degrees before my eighteenth birthday. Beyond that, I have had the privilege of becoming the first student to complete the WCC Honors Program. I am extremely grateful for my time at WCC, the opportunities it has presented me with, and the future for which I feel completely prepared.