Carley Williams

I never could have imagined graduating from high school early or attending college at the age of sixteen. I was home schooled throughout most of my elementary education and also throughout high school. Home schooling gave me the opportunity to work ahead. I was able to complete all of the courses required for high school graduation early. I have worked diligently to maintain a strong GPA throughout college; all while continuing to be an active member in 4-H.

Keeping school as a top priority has had an extremely positive effect on my life. The hard work has definitely paid off. I now have less than two semesters remaining before I graduate from Martin Community College with an Associate of Arts degree. Upon graduating, I will transfer to either East Carolina University or North Carolina State University to major in English and minor in Philosophy. After the completion of my undergraduate studies, I have plans to attend law school. Becoming a lawyer is my ultimate goal. I am thankful to God, my family, and my instructors who have all played crucial roles in getting me where I am today.