Carrie Parker

Alamance Community College has had a tremendous impact upon my life. The faculty, students and sheer love resonating from everyone has helped me to blossom into a successful woman who will continue to journey forward after college. Through ACC, I learned that everything is possible. If I can dream it, then I can do it.

With the help of ACC, I have been transformed from a scared, shy young woman into a confident and exuberant one. Numerous doors have been opened and I've been given wonderful experiences. Through my work as a club president and as an ACC ambassador, my worldview has been expanded. I learned to try new things and to be a leader and positive example for others. I've been shown that I can succeed and after finishing here, I intend to get my Masters of Science in Nursing and become a nurse practitioner.

As someone who experienced a tumultuous childhood I felt destined to fail in life. ACC changed that for me. As I finish a degree a nursing, my goals are enormous and I know the sky is the limit.