Chad Pettit

“It's not a job, it's an adventure.” That used to be the recruiting slogan for the Army. After ten years and multiple deployments, including two combat tours to Iraq, I can say it truly is an adventure. Unfortunately, that adventure left me ill-prepared for civilian life. Bringing the emotional trauma of war into a world that doesn't speak the phonetic alphabet or understand espirit de corps presented me with challenges I wasn't ready to face. My job skills didn't match this strange new world.

After moving from one dead-end job to another I was faced with the decision of a lifetime. I found myself struggling from paycheck to paycheck and looking at my four sons, who were looking for a father to inspire them. Motivated by a strong faith and a supportive wife, I set out on a new adventure: going back to school at thirty-three. I felt out of place all over again, but soon found my stride in setting and reaching goals.

Balancing a full class schedule, full time job, family, and a jail ministry isn't easy, but it's not a job, it's my life. With the skills gained at Isothermal, I hope to challenge and inspire others.