Christopher Donte Atkinson

Attending Beaufort County Community College has aided in achieving my life's goal of becoming a law enforcement officer. I was raised in Kearney Park housing development, which is housing designed for low income families. The community was ridden with high crime, drugs and gang activity. Most of my childhood friends are in prison, convicted felons or dead. Several people said I would follow in the same pathway but I overcame the odds. I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a police officer to protect the neighborhood that I grew up in. I enrolled in the Basic Law Enforcement Training program at BCCC and completed the course in July of 2006. I'm the youngest sibling of five and the only one in my family to ever attend college. I later decided that I wanted to obtain an Associate's degree, so I reenrolled at BCCC where I'm slated to graduate in the summer of 2016 with a degree in Criminal Justice. I'm currently employed as a police detective for the city of Greenville in the Criminal Investigations Bureau.