Christopher S. Kennedy

  I have never considered myself a successful person until I became a student at Cape Fear Community College. This journey has set me on a path that I would have never been able to envision for myself. Currently, I am the Chapter President of Alpha Chi Sigma at Cape Fear Community College, and the Vice President of North Carolina for the Carolinas Region of Phi Theta Kappa. During my tenure as an officer, we have obtained 19 regional awards and four international awards. I have volunteered in numerous service projects to benefit worthwhile causes. I served on the Distance Learning committee in 2011.

I am currently a member of the Judicial Board at Cape Fear Community College. I was the only student that was a member of the Presidential Selection Committee that was charged with choosing the next president of Cape Fear Community College. These are just some of the leadership opportunities that have granted me invaluable skills that I will be able to utilize for a lifetime. Academic excellence is now a core value of mine. I owe this all to the hard work and dedication of the great people at Cape Fear Community College.