Colby Smith

After several years of being away from the “school setting,” I decided to return to college and complete my degree. I owed it to myself and I was going to do the best job I possibly could. I was nervous about going back to school considering that I had an unwavering full-time work schedule as well as a full-time student, and I would be one of the oldest students in my class. My instructors were flexible and understanding with my work schedule but firm on attendance to keep me honest (which I appreciated). My classmates are equally as great as the Faculty and McDowell Tech’s leadership. I have made lasting friendships throughout my student tenure.

I have had a wonderful time learning and being part of McDowell Technical Community College and would recommend this higher education institute to anyone seeking post high school education. Each of my teachers has been extremely compassionate and very supportive along with the Veterans Benefits department. Mrs. Kim Ledbetter will work tirelessly in your favor, and if possible, move mountains. I really can’t say enough about my experience here at McDowell Tech and ALL the instructors.