Courtney Kirkham

My success story at Cape Fear Community College has been one filled with many emotions. I have felt empowered, gained leadership skills, and have overcome obstacles. I came to school to get an education, but I have found so much more. I started with the Pre-associate Degree of nursing, but I found that it was not compatible with single parenting. I then switched to a Business major and with faculty encouragement and support, I started to stand out and excel.

I started with the Business Technologies Club and the Student Government Association. I received the Student recognition award from an advisor in BTC. Feeling empowered I then applied to be a Student Ambassador and from there gained leadership skills and started to network. I then got more involved in Phi Theta Kappa, becoming the Chapter Secretary.

Throughout this time, I got scholarships that helped me to sustain living and money to pay for childcare so I could do all of these wonderful things. Not everything was smooth sailing though. My last semester of the Business Program the hurricane hit, and my mom was diagnosed with an illness that took her life quite suddenly. At that time, I was involved in four clubs and taking five classes to finish up my degree. I had a network in place that helped me to carry me through one of the most difficult times in my life, here at CFCC. Looking back at my time here, I have achieved so much and without Cape Fear, none of my leadership and personal growth, or good fortune would have been possible.