Crystal Overcash

Pursuing a dream is not easy. My dream has always been to become a labor and delivery nurse. That dream became secondary while I raised my young daughter as a single mother, but finally at age 30, I was able to start college and my dream came back into focus. Juggling school, work and family life has been difficult and, at times, stressful; however, the constant encouragement offered by my instructors at Davidson County Community College (DCCC) and the support from my family have helped me to persevere.

Caring for others forever holds a very special place in my heart. Circumstances have necessitated my caring for the health maladies of several members of my immediate family on a continual basis for an extended period of time. This has further cemented my desire to become a nurse and helped push me through scheduling conflicts, financial worries and time constraints. Even as graduation nears, I already know that I want to broaden my education to allow me to give back to others as my instructors and DCCC have given to me.

I am a member of the National Student Nurses Association and also a recipient of the Thomasville Medical Center Foundation Scholarship. I am an active member with DCCC’s Association of Nursing Students and as a part of DCCC’s Associate Degree in Nursing Mentor/Mentee program; I have mentored two 1st year nursing students enabling me to help others meet their academic goals.

As a single, teenage mother, college looked like an unattainable goal. Through DCCC, I have been able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. I will graduate in May 2013 with an Associate Degree in Nursing and am currently looking into several Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. While this may be the end of my journey at DCCC, it is just the beginning of my future endeavors. Every person with whom I have had contact at DCCC has had a part in making my dream a reality and encouraging me to continue my pursuit.