Daisha Jordan

All Daisha Jordan could think about her senior year of high school, was what college or university she was going to attend.   Campbell University offered Jordan admission and an academic scholarship and Jordan attended with hopes of being a part of the women's basketball team.  Unfortunately, Jordan tore her ACL and event through Campbell was a good school she was unable to find her true happiness as a student.  In August of 2015, Jordan decided to transfer to Brunswick Community College and ended up receiving much more in return than the education and chance to play basketball again. 

Going through family struggles BCC was her escape.  BCC had an environment where being successful is what the campus thrived for.  Her grades rose even higher than before and were able to receive help and encouragement from her professors.  This helped Jordan enjoy her college experience by being surrounded by many great people.  Attending the community college for two years opened up many doors and opportunities for Jordan because she was able to capture and capitalize on so much that the school had to offer with academics and sports.  Jordan states that this school has definitely prepared me to take on anything that crosses my path of adulthood and continuing my education.