Daniel Steinberg

I am a nontraditional student in the sense that my pursuit of a degree at South Piedmont Community College is taking place much later in life than most students.  A few years ago I retired from a career in engineering, a career that was professionally satisfying and afforded me the opportunity to travel to various domestic and international locations.  I believe that my family also benefited from an exposure to diverse cultures, and became more resilient and adaptable.

It had always been my intent after I retired to set new life goals and continue my education.  As an engineering manager, I had always enjoyed the financial responsibilities that came with my position.  Consequently, when it came time to select a degree program, accounting was an obvious choice.  I suspect that accounting is in my DNA, since my father was an accountant.

Now that I am beginning my second year at SPCC, I remain convinced that I made the right decision.  The accounting curriculum is intellectually stimulating and provides a great deal of clarity to financial areas that I have dealt with in the past.  As an additional bonus, my attendance at SPCC has led to a tutoring position at the academic support center, which I thoroughly enjoy.