David Klein

The decision to alter one’s path is never an easy one. However, at the age of 41, I made that decision and applies to the school of nursing at Haywood Community College. Throughout my academic journey at HCC, I have been presented with many challenges. With that said, I can attest that I have been given the tools necessary to be successful through individualized support and tutoring services. By taking advantage of this support, I have been able to meet several goals: attaining a 4.0 GPA, becoming a student ambassador and the recipient of several scholarships. Receiving these scholarships has afforded me the opportunity to focus intently on my educational endeavors with minimal impact on my family’s finances.

Further, I have been honored to serve as a guest speaker at both the HCC Board of Trustees holiday event and this year’s scholarship luncheon as well as serving as our Foundation Director’s assistant at two key community events – the annual HCC fundraising gala and annual scholarship luncheon. HCC has prepared me, not only to be a nurse but to be a lifelong learner and a model for my family.