David Winger

When ABB, an international leader in power and automation technologies, offered a co-op position to Wake Tech student David Winger, the company strengthened an already-powerful partnership. David, who is studying electronics engineering, is working at ABB’s facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin, over the summer, focusing on industrial control systems. “I’m very excited about this opportunity,” he says. “Wake Tech instructors prepared me with hands-on training, and it’s great to be able to use what I’ve learned!”

This is the first time that ABB has offered a co-op opportunity to a Wake Tech student, and it reaffirms the support the company has pledged to the college. In 2012, ABB made a generous three-year, $150,000 commitment to Wake Tech’s major gifts campaign, called “The Ripple Effect.” The gift will provide scholarships for outstanding students, encourage creative faculty initiatives, and help Wake Tech leverage technology and equipment to serve the community better. The ultimate goal is to have a positive and lasting impact on the local job market and the regional economy.

The Wake Tech-ABB partnership is truly a “win-win” – for the college, the company, and the community. Thanks to ABB’s support, students can train on cutting-edge equipment while enjoying access to scholarships and employment opportunities. Wake Tech can offer modern facilities and learn industry perspectives that help to improve instructional curricula. ABB expands its pool of qualified workers and provides its employees with leadership and mentoring opportunities. It’s a partnership with a powerful “ripple effect” for all!