Dennis Hawley

I was born and raised in Germany, where I survived a battle with cancer but had limited options for furthering my education or career. So in 2011 I moved to the United States with hope and big expectations. After I completed my GED at Wayne Community College in three days’ time, I put my education on hold so that I could first find a job. Once employed, I decided to juggle my full-time job and a minimum 15 credits at Wayne Community College. Ever since then I have been very busy, and often stressed, but to my surprise I exceeded in every one of my classes and I was able to maintain an overall 4.0 GPA. The help and professionalism from all the teachers allowed me to succeed. I am in the work study program at Wayne CC where I help to maintain multiple computers and assist students with their questions in one of the computer labs. It is a great feeling and an honor to pass the knowledge I have obtained from this great institution on to others.