Douglas Fritchey

Throughout my educational and professional career it has been my ultimate goal to learn something new each day, and to determine a potential success from this gained knowledge.  I not only want to retain information, but I want to practice the skills learned throughout my education.  The Professional & Technical Degrees that I will receive at Brunswick Community College are sure to allow me to do this.

I consider my success not only to be the gain of knowledge through an education, but also the sharing of that knowledge. My instructors at BCC have inspired me not only to learn, but also to share my skillset with others in my class setting.  That is, I take what I have learned and help fellow students reach their goals and find their success.  This proves to be rewarding beyond measure.

The 2012 BCC Academic Excellence Award, 5 semesters, 27 classes, and 82 credit hours into my journey, serves as an honorable measure of my academic success.  The goal of maintaining a 4.0GPA  has been met, and will be carried throughout the remainder of my education.  Once completing my Computer Programming, Computer Information Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology Degrees in 2013, I will continue to utilize all education received at BCC, and appreciate the successes which go beyond measurement.