Dr. Lawrence L. Rouse

Dr. Lawrence Rouse is dedicated to engaging community partners in innovative programs to assure student success.

Under his leadership, James Sprunt Community College has worked with the Duplin County Schools to develop a framework for collaboration to address the educational and workforce challenges of Duplin County. The result is a Pre-K to College collaborative partnership which includes parent groups, and community, state and national partners in the implementation of an innovative Pre-K to College and Career Readiness transformation of the educational system.

The Town of Kenansville submitted a letter of support for his nomination stating, in part, that President Rouse has shown a commitment to, and effective use of, partnerships with business and industry, the public and schools by his leading and aiding in the developing of the early college and the seamless education initiative that supports the success of youth throughout their entire school career.

Dr. Rouse is also a leader who recognized and utilizes the knowledge and strengths of those around him. As such, he has become a force multiplayer in the areas of technology, community partnerships, program development, fundraising and problem solving.

Time and again in his nomination, employees noted his open door policy and described President Rouse as a leader who will take the time to discuss issues with students and staff. His openness encourages faculty and staff to think outside the box to resolve issues before they become problems.

President Rouse demonstrates commitment to professional growth for faculty and staff by encouraging them to participate in the College’s Leadership Academy and Citizens Leadership program, as well as programs for both hard and soft skills necessary for today’s community colleges.

Jo Ann Stroud, Duplin Rotary Club president, noted that President Sprunt is in the middle of a capital campaign and a fiftieth anniversary celebration, and to be sure those two important events are successful, he has chosen wisely the people responsible for them. He is not only a good leader, but a responsible delegator.

President Rouse exemplifies the community college mission to open the door to high-quality, accessible educational opportunities that minimize barriers to post-secondary education, maximize student success, develop a competent workforce, and improve the lives and well-being of individuals.