Dustin Darnell

Before attending GTCC, I was a college dropout without a purpose in life. Stubborn and naïve, I believed that life consisted of what I saw on the Real World, which of course set me up for more failure. I used materialism, intimate relationships, and drugs to fill the void I felt within myself. The more I avoided looking myself in the mirror, the more I fell into depression. I couldn't gather the confidence or willpower to progress my life.

Being a student at GTCC gave me the motivation that I hold today. The faculty at GTCC helped me realize that I already possessed all the tools required to be successful and inspired the direction of my future career. After graduation, I plan to move to Washington D.C. to work for a non-government organization that focuses on domestic policies. America has been crafted by individuals who not only possessed skill, but rendered the courage to stand vigilant for their community. I believe this path will continue to add determination within my life and protect my community's inherent liberties. I owe my eternal gratitude to GTCC, for more than an education, but for the opportunity to discover my purpose and my dreams.