Ed Spitler, Sandhills Community College

Professor Spitler’s “hunger for knowledge and his continued quest for personal excellence and understanding of his academic discipline have translated to a career that has impacted literally thousands of students since the 1990s and kept his program at the forefront of engineering programs at both the community college and the university level," according to Sandhills Community College Vice President Ron Layne.

The successful development of the whole student through interactions with advisors, faculty and mentors has been a passion for Professor Spitler since he began teaching in 1997. His positive interactions with students have resulted in their entering programs that truly excite them and fit their goals.

The product of a North Carolina community college himself, Professor Spitler presents an upbeat, positive role model for students, influencing their motivation, emotional wellbeing and moral judgment.

In an effort to motivate students and to create an academic environment that extends beyond the classroom walls, Professor Spitler has exposed students to new experiences and perspectives. In 1999, he started an annual Experience Engineering Project; and in 2006, he started an Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Surveying student club on campus to give students a glimpse of the professional world they will encounter. He has led students on educational tours of the Central Artery/Tunnel construction project in Boston; the World of Concrete Expo in Las Vegas, New Orleans and Orlando; the One World Trade Center construction project in New York; and to experience the architectural and engineering wonders of London, Paris and EPCOT among others.

In 2010, Professor Spitler created Engineering Technology Summer Camps. He has taught and coordinated these camps ever since, and their impact on the community continues to grow and promote STEM awareness among public, home and private school students.

“His commitment and innovation to provide evolving industry standard technology and to extend the classroom boundaries to the edges of the world are what give his graduates opportunities,” said Dr. Kristie Sullivan, Sandhills Community College dean of Planning and Research.