Elizabeth Hernandez

My experience at Martin Community College has been one-of-a-kind! Ever since I made the decision to go back to school, I knew it was not going to be an easy journey. First, I encountered the money problem, as to whether or not I could afford to pay my tuition; then, I worried about the time needed to do course work. Because I work full time, I needed to find a college that would work with my regular working schedule. Last it was distance, if I needed to get to campus, how far would I have to drive.

After researching, I decided that Martin Community College had the program I wanted to study, business administration. I decided that it was close enough to home and convenient. After about two semesters, I registered for my first online class. It really helped me because of my work schedule. Since I have two kids, the online classes became my solution to pursue my education. Martin Community College and the staff were very nice and helpful. They guided me on this journey and helped me shape my education and career. I think that I made the right decision on continuing my education here at Martin Community College. I can see a great amount of caring for their students in this community college, and for that I am thankful. If I were to choose again, I would choose Martin Community College, because I consider Martin Community College the perfect place to achieve my educational goals.