Ellyn Gallagher

Throughout my childhood I suffered from school-related anxiety.  As I got older it became worse, until the point that I had to be home-schooled in high school.  During my home-schooling I had one goal, just to finish.  I did the bare minimum I could to get my high school diploma; I had no intentions of going to college.  That was the case until I got out into the real world and realized that I was going to have a hard time making it anywhere in life without an education.  I made the hard decision to go back to school. 

I initially chose Stanly Community College because it offered me a cost effective option for education.  I figured that if college did not work out, at least I would not be burdened with student loans. Their motto of “Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace” was attractive to me since I am attending school while working part-time.  I have served as a peer tutor for various courses.  I have taken both seated and online courses while at SCC.  One of my math teachers was so impressed with the fact that I finished the entire course without missing any questions on any of the tests that he recommended that I be the first online peer math tutor.  That was an interesting experience and allowed me to use my math skills, my computer skills, and allowed me to give back some of what I had been given. Teachers have commented on my excellent attendance due to the fact that I have an hour long commute each way.  To me, it is an integral part of the learning experience to attend class and I enjoy the classroom experience.

Now, I am more than halfway to completing my Associate in Arts degree with plans of transferring to a university to study accounting.  I owe much of my success to the great teachers at Stanly Community College.  I am receiving a great education at a great price, and thanks to SCC I am on my way to accomplishing my goals.