Geoffrey Arnott

I was homeschooled for grades 1-12.  I was given an excellent education by my parents, but I had never attended a class with more than a few students.  I had no idea what to expect from college.  As I considered all the possibilities and challenges that faced me, I was both thrilled and terrified.  As I entered my sophomore year of high school, I registered for a single class at VGCC.  I held my breath and was captivated.  That class challenged me, but at the same time motivated me to offer my best work.  Every class I have taken at VGCC since has had the same ability to stimulate me and make me grow in ways I never anticipated.

During my time at VGCC, I have been inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, and served as an Ambassador as well as a tutor.  Each of these opportunities has given me the skills and tools I will need as a leader; but more importantly they have taught me to treasure and honor the community with which I am blessed.  That is a lesson I plan to carry with me always.