Gil Johnson

“I’m just so thankful for Durham Tech.  I got a new start.”

Gil Johnson began his education years ago as a chemistry major at one of our state universities.  In his junior year, he decided against chemistry and withdrew from college.  Instead, Gil went to work for a private company and learned accounting and a wide array of computer skills on his own.  When the company downsized, Gil found new employment opportunities blocked by a lack of a degree in his previous field.  Gil knew his next step had to involve completing a credential.  He decided to return to school at Durham Technical Community College in a new field, computer networking and information security.

His interest and passion have driven him to excellence, and his enthusiasm has brought other students along with him. Gil’s skills are impressive, honed over many years in the workforce and in his studies at Durham Tech. He will soon graduate with two associate in applied science degrees and with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.  Faculty members describe him as well-prepared, warm, charming, and thoughtful.  Classmates indicate he is always willing to lend a helping hand and will meet on his own time to help other students with specific sub-netting or network lab questions.

During his last semester here at Durham Tech, Gil was able to obtain a one-year paid internship with Cisco in the Research Triangle Park, winning this position over engineering and networking students from other colleges and universities across the country.  Durham Tech is exceedingly proud to count him as one of our graduates.