Haley Laughter

When I started college, I was fresh out of high school, with little direction as to what I wanted to accomplish in life. I knew I needed guidance and support but had no idea where to find these things. Through my community college, I had resources that were readily available to help through every step of the process. I first met with my community college advisor with a poor GPA and debt owed to the college, she gave me a chance and pushed me in the right direction, as well as worked with me to correct my past mistakes. I had to write multiple appeals to get into my program and start a strong path to my career. Looking back now, it was all worth it.

I am now part of a nationally ranked program that allows me to dual enroll at Isothermal Community College and Wester Carolina University. After graduation, I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing the following year. I would not be where I am today without the guidance and accessibility that my community college offered. Second chances are not handed out often, but I am so glad that my instructors and advisors saw something in me to give me one.