Holly Davis

The decision to attend Martin Community College came very naturally to me. I knew MCC would be the best option for me, because it was close to home and was a smaller institution. I always thought I wanted to work in healthcare; however, as a high school student, I was able to enroll in college courses through MCC which helped me realize a career in business is really what I wanted to do. I was offered an internship at Martin General Hospital where I contributed  my services and gained experience as to what healthcare would be like.  I am very thankful I was able to realize that healthcare was not what I expected before I was too involved with my degree. I would recommend,  to anyone who is eligible, taking college courses through MCC while in high school.

One of the hardest obstacles I have had to overcome is being employed full time and attending college full time. With MCC, I have been able to complete all of my courses online and not miss any work.  MCC has excellent educators who are very understanding  and will work with you as long as you are trying your hardest to work with them. My experience at MCC has been a true blessing, because I have been able to achieve some of my goals in my education  and my career. In the last year, I began working at Weyco Community Credit Union as a teller and am currently training to be a loan officer. The courses I have taken at Martin Community College have made advancing in my career much easier. I look forward to finishing my degree in

Business Administration and am excited for the new opportunities my education  will unfold for me.