Hope Crute

As a Franklin County Early College High School student, Hope has been a member of the Vance-Granville Community College family for five years. The obstacle Hope has had to overcome most of her life, especially in the last few years, is her father’s long battle with illness. Her father’s journey with life-threatening issues began when she was in kindergarten and continued through middle school. Hope has taken on many responsibilities to help her family stay afloat since she was a child. While her father’s health is no longer as acute, he still faces severe challenges. Since the fall of 2014, she has taken challenging classes that have helped her grow into the person she is today.

Hope says that Vance-Granville Community College is a school that successfully brings together ambitious, hard-working students who encourage one another and challenge each other to do better academically and professionally. The magical thing she has found as a student at VGCC is that the school does not just teach academic lessons, but also life lessons. With the guidance and support of her teachers and peers, Hope has become a stronger scholar and leader. She has overcome many personal and academic obstacles during her five years at VGCC, and much of that success was thanks to the determination and confidence she gained as a student. Thanks to her experience at VGCC, Hope will enter the next stage of her education equipped with confidence, clarity, enhanced skills, and a thirst for further knowledge.