Ian Antonio

Upon graduating high school, I didn’t have a definitive pathway to my future. All I knew was that my goal was to become a Software Engineer. However, I really had no idea what would be the best way to achieve this goal.  Sampson Community College has given me the tools I needed to achieve my dreams as well as helped me along the road to this goal.

I enjoy the learning atmosphere Sampson Community College provides. When I first entered the college, I was that quiet student who came to class, never asked a question, and never drew attention to myself during class. The Sampson Community College family of instructors helped me gain the confidence I needed to confidently start conversing with my peers. Furthermore, Sampson Community College provided a foundation of solid learning materials that helped me prepare for my future.  The faculty, staff, and administration of Sampson Community College are very welcoming to students. I feel as though I can easily approach them whenever I have issues or inquiries.

I have always loved the unique challenges each class presents to me. Whether mathematics, English, or Computer Information, the challenges force me to work harder and research longer. In spite of that, I have accepted those challenges wholeheartedly. The challenges have helped me become the student I am today and have ultimately inspired the very best of my character.  

No doubt Sampson Community College has helped me prepare for life and the workforce. My experiences at Sampson Community College have not only helped me grow as a student, but also as a person.