Isaac Phillips

At the age of 31, I decided to become a civilian and leave my Army life behind. Unfortunately, my skills at firing missiles were not in demand outside of the military. I needed more education and training to achieve my goal of becoming a biomedical engineer. Central Carolina Community College has fostered a wonderful learning environment for me to achieve that education and training.

At first, I felt overwhelmed adjusting to college. I had not taken a math class in 14 years. The first day in my precalculus class, I thought my teacher was speaking a foreign language.

With the services Central Carolina Community College provides, along with my effort and motivation to achieve my goals, I now feel comfortable in school. The tutoring, Writing Center, and the level of attention and care of the faculty and staff are essential to my academic success.

I have turned many of my educational deficiencies into academic strengths, thanks to a little hard work and the wonderful students and staff that make up Central Carolina Community College.