Ivy Marie Lindsey

As a college student, I have strived to set a good example of what a good student should be. I would like to think that my efforts have not gone unnoticed because all of my children are well on their way to a good college education.

I have maintained a 4.0 GPA my entire college career, while remaining an active mother and part-time employee for a local department store. In fact, my employer is eager to promote me just as soon as my schedule allows for more work hours. I have gone through many trials during the course of my studies, but have persevered throughout them all with the intentions of upholding my reputation as a well-rounded, hard-working student.

To give an example of the obstacles I have overcome, four years ago my family was essentially homeless having been stranded here after a car accident during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We are now purchasing our own home and land in Seagrove, my husband has been promoted with a healthy raise, and I will be graduating in May. We are looking forward to the bright future my education will soon provide. Thank you for this opportunity to be recognized for my accomplishments.