James Patrick Philips

Edgecombe Community College has been an academic oasis during this initial phase of my college journey. Without a doubt, the College’s faculty has had a decisive impact on my intellectual formation. During class lectures, individual conversations, and course assignments, they have embodied scholarship and excellence, motivating me to aspire to these ideals. They have shared advice drawn from their own college experiences, given copiously and sacrificially of their time, and imparted insights from their academic expertise. Moreover, they have enthusiastically encouraged my own academic endeavors. In word and example, my instructors at Edgecombe have been more than teachers; for me, they have been mentors in the scholar’s vocation.

My experiences at Edgecombe Community College have enriched my knowledge, honed my skills, and crystallized my plans for future academic pursuits. As I anticipate further undergraduate and graduate study in computer technology, religion, history, and library science, I am deeply grateful for the College’s atmosphere of intellectual nourishment and its dedicated faculty. While my intellectual odyssey has just begun, Edgecombe Community College has been foundational for my education thus far and equipped me for the pilgrimage to come.