Jamie Jennings

Jamie Jennings was selected as Mayland Community College 2019 Academic Excellence Award recipient. She graduated in May with her Associate in Arts Degree and plans to pursue studies in Secondary Education at Mars Hill University. When asked what attracted her to Mayland, Jamie shared the College is a comfortable learning environment between the high school and university experience. She is quick to advise, “Take advantage of your time at Mayland; enjoy your time here. Mayland is personal. Instructors care if you’re in class or not; they truly want you to do well.”

Jamie is exemplary as a learner and future high school language arts teacher. She has been and always will be an avid reader.  She counts works by Hemingway, Austin, Shakespeare, and Poe among her favorite “windows of exploration” into human behavior. Jamie’s smile and sense of humor are contagious, as is her desire to empower others to be their personal best; outside the classroom, she is an English tutor and President of Mayland’s Student Government Association.