Jana Carver

When thinking about the best thing for her future Jana Carver decided to enroll at Guilford Technical Community College.  Having never attended public or private school going to college terrified her since her prior education was taught at home.  Being homeschooled in an unstable home caused her studies and confidence to suffer and led Craver to give up on her education in the 11th grade.  Carver wanted to rewrite her story and enrolled into the GED program.

Through the teachers, faculty, and staff she received support that she had never received before.  The teachers restored her confidence in herself and her abilities to shine as a student.  Carver earned her GED with honors and is now working toward her Associates Degree.  This journey for Carver has been challenging, but it has shaped her into the person she wants to be, someone who is brave enough to belive that where you come form doesn't mater as much as where you're going.