Janna Raynor

My community college experience has been life changing. Upon graduating high school in 2014, I was far from eager to leave my comfort zone and attend college. My parents encouraged me to tour Pamlico Community College. From the very beginning, I was welcomed. My assigned advisor, Mr. Greg Gallagher, sat down with me and assisted me with planning my class schedule for that semester. He personally showed me around the campus and introduced me to the faculty and staff. That was just the beginning of many positive experiences that I have had at Pamlico Community College. Instructors were more than willing to answer questions and the staff knew me by name and not just another face in the crowd. After I settled in, my goal was to obtain my Associate in Science degree and start a career. However, the faculty and staff assisted me to realize that the "world is my oyster". They encouraged me to pursue a four-year degree at a college or university. They saw something in me that I could not see in myself. I will be forever grateful for the challenges and support I have received at Pamlico Community College. I will be even more grateful to shout that my college career began at a community college