Jennifer Liebelt

Having a hard upbringing Jennifer Liebelt knew that for her future she wanted to break the cycle of poverty and substance abuse.  In 2012, Liebelt made the decision to enroll at Cape Fear Community College to get her degree and make something of herself.  Just after being enrolled Jennifer was faced with the tragic news that her younger brothers were taken into state custody.  Putting her brothers first Liebelt rushed immediately to California to gain custody, putting her education in jeopardy and failing the semester.  In 2015, she decided to try going back to school again.  Liebelt was not shunned away from CFCC, they welcomed her with open arms.  After earning a 4.0 that semester she was able to gain academic forgiveness for the semester she failed in 2012.

Liebelt was recommended to join the Honors Program and Honors Club.  The next semester she was tapped for Phi Theta Kappa, where she is now the Vice President of Service.  Liebelt is currently a 4.0 student, an active member in five different clubs, and organizations on campus and a Work Study Student House Manager for the Wilson Center.  She credits the faculty for going out of their way to encourage her at every turn, constantly pushing for her to try harder, believing that she could achieve more that she thought herself capable of.