Jeremy Keith Pitt

One year ago, the prospect of going back to school was not an option. My wife and I had moved from Utah to North Carolina. I was grateful to find work at a local bank with decent pay and great hours. However, despite my fortune, I felt unsettled with this chosen career path, and felt motivated to do something I never thought possible: I pondered going back to school.

South Piedmont Community College has provided me the opportunity to thrive. After moving to North Carolina, I checked out opportunities to further my education. SPCC was the best location and best value for my education dollar.

My career in Nursing started with a desire to enter the healthcare field. A high-demand career, like Nursing, gives me career flexibility and the ability to live anywhere in the country. Not only have I excelled in my classes, but I enjoy what I am learning.  SPCC has a great staff that helped put me on the fast track to my new life. The classes are small, and the teachers are available. I am so grateful for this chance, and I’m thankful to SPCC for making it possible.