Jessica Baron

My experience at Rockingham Community College began in the fall of 2009 when I was accepted into the second class of Rockingham Early College High School.  Currently, I have completed 33 credit hours at RCC and have become more mature as a college student with each semester. 

From the beginning, I have felt welcomed and respected as a college student, and I have fully appreciated and thrived in the college environment.  I have enjoyed the college courses I’ve taken and, through them, acquired strategies to use in future courses and presented opportunities.  My professors encourage me in my work and welcome input during classes.  I find approaching my professors to be an easy and comfortable thing to do.  I have enjoyed the many discussions with my professors, and they have been more than willing to help with assignments and refining understanding of course materials.  I look forward to coming to RECHS/RCC each and every day.  As I have transitioned from a high school atmosphere to more of a traditional college atmosphere, I am certain that I have chosen the right path.