Jonathan Overton

To say I originally despised the idea of attending a community college would be an understatement; however, my opinion quickly and completely changed. As someone who did not know what he wanted for the future, I neglected college applications until it was too late.

Therefore, I reluctantly enrolled at Nash Community College in the fall of 2017. I had convinced myself that I simply would pick up a few college credits and move on to bigger and better things. Although this fall, I will certainly be moving onto bigger things, I find it doubtful that anything could be better than my time at Nash Community College.

 Having a paramount impact on my desires for the future, Nash has allowed me to discover my passion to become a community college educator myself. I have valued all aspects of this experience, but nothing compares to the people I have met attending Nash. I can wholeheartedly say I have never encountered more loving individuals in my life, and I treasure each one dearly. I will forever be grateful for the impact this community college has had on my life, and I will never forget the people who have made my experience so extraordinary.