Joseph B. Cooley

Prior to attending Wake Tech, I attended a private liberal arts college and then a state university for graduate school.  Wake Tech was the first school I encountered that taught real world skills, yet simultaneously challenged students to think critically.  This unique combination is why I believe that more students, especially those with uncertain career goals, should take advantage of Wake Tech. 

Upon graduation as a paramedic, I will have the unique opportunity to help people during some of the most challenging times in their lives. I also relish teaching and am grateful to Wake Tech for giving me the chance to share my knowledge as a continuing education instructor.  My contacts at Wake Tech also helped me become involved in my community as a volunteer coach for the RAPS racing league, where while learning to race go-karts, kids acquire skills that will translate directly into increased safety behind the wheel of a regular vehicle.  Whether I’m urging kids on at the track, or placing an IV line in the back of an ambulance, I’m grateful to Wake Tech for giving me the tools to make such a positive impact on those in my community who need it most.