Joseph Turner

Receiving the Academic Excellence Award feels a bit surreal. I cannot help but think about how the student I used to be ten years ago is the polar opposite of who I am today. A younger me felt that school was a chore to be done resentfully, so I did just that by doing the absolute minimum to get by.

With no desire to continue my formal education, I decided that I should serve my country and enlisted with the Marine Corps. During my service, I had a multitude of experiences that refined me. I learned that I had a knack for problem-solving and leadership, and a strong desire to help others. I reasoned that engineering would foster my talents while allowing me to make the world a better place.

Now with purpose and direction, I returned to school to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for me to perform at the highest level. I am fortunate to attend Durham Tech because being here has allowed me to connect with truly phenomenal students and faculty. Together, they challenge me to do better every day and in turn support my journey for success.