Kalyssa Ortiz

Leadership, to me, is a way to guide and help my peers. I feel it is necessary for people as a whole to work together to come to a final goal. Like most people, I prefer for things to be a certain way, but I understand that when working with either a large group or a small group of people, I cannot do it all the work myself.

Reflecting on what I have done throughout my high school and early college years, I can tell I have been a leader. When I am teaching a new dance step to a student or working with a child in day care and I see them master what I am trying to teach, their success becomes my success. It is not important that I get any credit. What is most important is personal growth and achievement, whether in myself or the people I am working with. I find great joy in knowing that I helped others finish a certain task, and I enjoy leading because I feel like I am a part of something important.