Katherine Shanley

When I began at Tri-County in 2010, I had no real direction.  I was 61 years old, my job had just ended, and thinking about a career change at this point was not very realistic. Through the help and encouragement of a few friends, I jumped right into college life with a determination to learn as much as possible as fast as possible.  My experience has been an exciting adventure from the very beginning. 

Encouragement is an understated fact at Tri-County.  Every day I am here, I have words and actions aimed in my direction that are constant sources of encouragement.  The words “you can do it” are burned into my mind the same as a brand burned into a steers’ hide.  I feel good about myself.  I have improved old skills and continue to learn new ones.  I no longer see my age as a handicap in the job market.  

I would like to become a part of the Tri-County work force one day and share that same “you can do it” with someone else who might need a little encouragement.