Kayla Myers

I am a dual-enrolled student who took on the challenge of earning a high school diploma and an Associate in Science degree though Wilkes Early College High School at Wilkes Community College. The strong educational environment and supportive staff gave me a pathway to graduate with good grades. From taking daunting classes like Calculus I and II to exploring various liberal arts classes like psychology and Spanish, the positive academic relationship with my teachers enabled me to excel in such challenging courses.

The friendly environment around campus creates the atmosphere for clubs and study groups to come together. I always looked forward to the days when WCC was hosting a special event. These events allowed me to encounter new people and new ideas. Along with the fun, the educational environment permits students to seek each other out for help. Within these study groups not only did I get the chance to help others, but also received help from other students who were in my classes. WCC and WECHS helped me start my college life on the right track, and I am looking forward to my future.