Kenneth Boney

When I enrolled at James Sprunt Community College in the Fall of 2014 I began with one goal in mind. I wanted to prove to myself that I could successfully endure the process unlike my first college experience in the 1980’s.  I knew that it was important to choose a major that was in demand so I chose Computer Information Technology, an area in which I already had experience. As my journey continued I was very fortunate to establish rapports with many JSCC faculty and staff who became the greatest support for me academically and emotionally. 

JSCC may be one of the smallest institutions of higher learning, but it offers students the greatest opportunities to excel.  After obtaining a 4.0 GPA my first semester, the pressure to maintain at that level was overwhelming, but all of my on-campus fans encouraged me one semester at a time.  In December 2016, I completed my degrees in Computer Information Technology with a 4.0 GPA and I am continuing as a student in the Associate of General Education program, taking some additional classes due to my involvement in several on-campus organizations.