Kimberly Ogle

 I began to work at a minimum wage job straight out of high school, without any plans to continue my education, because that just wasn’t what people in my family did. The fact that I had even graduated High School was a bit of a miracle for us. I had no real plan for my life, other than trying to survive this world, when I had already started out so far behind many of my peers.

My whole perspective changed when I had my son in January of 2014. Being responsible for someone other than myself gave me a burst of motivation to become someone that he, and I, could be proud of. I enrolled at Stanly Community College that fall, without knowing exactly what I would be majoring in. I just knew that I needed to start on something! That turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my, and my child’s future.

The staff and faculty were so very helpful in helping me find a career path I could be passionate about.  I am also serving as President of the Student Government Association, organizing student life activities alongside my Executive Board, while raising my child and pursuing an Associate in Art’s degree as a double major. I have transformed from a hapless individual, floundering without a plan, to a woman on the path to success, thanks to determination, hard work, and the support and guidance I have received at SCC, and I couldn’t be happier!