Kimberly Sheppard

Not having taken classes for the past 15 years made going back to school very scary for Kimberly Sheppard.  Entering Richmond Community College at the age of thirty-three was a decision that would change Sheppard's life and also her perspective on life itself.  The reason for the delay in getting her college education was becoming a mom at the age of nineteen and Sheppard determined at that time there was no room for college in her life.  Struggling to find a good job that would pay the bills Sheppard decided that in order to get a job doing something she enjoyed she would have to go back to school and further her education.  Taking a leap of faith that is exactly what she did.  Little did she know that she would enjoy the experiences and have a 4.0-grade point average every semester.

Sheppard credits her teachers and advisor for instilling courage and faith in her that she never knew she had.  This May she will graduate with an Associates Degree in Accounting, and she is already employed in an accounting firm doing what she loves.