Krystie Pendergrass

Something in me changed once I entered the doors of a community college. All of my teachers were very encouraging. Upon becoming a Dental Hygiene student at Halifax Community College, I truly started to focus on my grades. I have pushed myself to make the best grades I could. I definitively realize that I feel exceptionally good about myself when I work hard and study and really apply myself.

I have to say the instructors here at Halifax Community College have really inspired me. They are certainly awesome people who have helped me to be my best. I can say that they honestly care about me and want me to succeed. This in turn has made me want to be the best at everything I try to do.

I have gone from the girl who never cared about school, to the girl trying to push and better herself, to one who has respectfully earned this awesome award. Representing Halifax Community College, myself, and my family really means the world to me. The Academic Excellence award is an award that my family and I are very proud of and something I will never forget.