Kyle Mehl

Many things go through a first-year college student’s mind when walking into their first class. These fears can include: having trouble at making friends, embarrassing themselves, and even failing their class as if they are not prepared for it. While all of these reasons are understandable, it is vital to remember that you have trained the last four years of high school for this and every freshman on campus is equally as frightened as you are.

Throughout my past two years at Brunswick Community College, I have endured all of these fears and more, but after a while, things begin to seem normal and become second nature. In my personal opinion and experience, creating relationships with faculty, staff, and students is the most important key to success in college. Whether this means holding the door for someone and saying hello, or staying after class for a short while, introducing yourself to your professor. Creating relationships on a personal level is crucial when it comes to making memories and friends that will long outlast your few short years at Brunswick.

To be completely honest with you, I would not have even heard about Brunswick Community College if it weren’t for the gracious generosity that Coach Allen and the Brunswick baseball program showed in inviting me to be a part of their team. Originating from the mountains of North Carolina, I had no idea where, or even what, Brunswick Community College was all about. Upon arriving on campus, I have not only witnessed an institution that carries pride and the upmost respect for its students, but a school with beautifully unique landscapes that compare to no other Community College in the state, and having a multitude of coastlines near are only a bonus. The professors bountifully volunteer their free time to help students in areas they are having trouble in, and it is reassuring to know that they are an email away, at any time of day, to answer any questions about that day’s assignments. Brunswick is a first-class College that prides itself in student life, academics, and gearing their attendees to their future professions. I cannot thank this school enough for the care and comfort that it has shown me, and I can guarantee that I will recommend this school to anyone unsure about their academic career after high school.