Laura Caitlin Ritchie

Laura Caitlin Ritchie finally discovered that her true calling was nursing.  Having to balance work, school, finances, family and life in general, Ritchie saw how affordable Carteret Community College was and the scholarships and financial aid offered through the financial aid department.  The faculty and members have encouraged her to succeed and to be the best possible version of herself. Fellow classmates were always there for support and a shoulder to lean on.

When Ritchie started the nursing program she didn't know many people, and now through her time at CCC she has an entire nursing family.  Without CCC, her family, she never would have had the determination, confidence, and drive to get through the endless hours studying, writing care plans, conducting research, practicing clinical skills, attending classes, and participating in long clinical days.  Her advice to future students is to surround yourself with a great support system, work hard, take care of yourself and you can accomplish anything.